The track builder is one of the construction tools available in Train Fever. It allows the player to place tracks, stations, depots, signals, catenary and waypoints.

Track construction tool Edit

With the track construction tool selected, the player can construct standard track or high-speed track with the added option of catenary. These options will become unlocked as the years pass.

Station placement tool Edit

Using the station placement tool, the player can construct either cargo stations or passenger stations. Additionally, the player can choose the number of platforms (between 1 and 5), and the length of the platforms. The number of platforms determines the number of tracks you can connect to it. The platform length affects the station's storage, with longer platforms having a higher storage capacity.

Stations are placed differently to track or road. Using the M and N keys, you can rotate the orientation of the station. Once you place the station the terrain underneath it will be flattened to the same height as where your cursor was located at the time. The cost of the station has the cost of levelling the terrain included in the price. To build a cheaper station it is recommended to use fewer and shorter platforms, and to place the station on flatter terrain.

Depot placement tool Edit

Signal placement tool Edit

Waypoint placement tool Edit

Catenary tool Edit

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